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Foundation Launches National Initiative

Addressing Mental Health Stigma

The Minding the Gap: Improving Mental Health Access - Eliminating Stigma Initiative was developed as a result of the 2009 Mental Health Colloquium Series, sponsored by the National Black Nurses Foundation. This national initiative is designed to increase awareness, enhance information, and improve education about success to mental health services and treatment.

Mental Health affects our overall health and wellbeing. In reality 80-90% of disorders are treatable, however, many are reluctant to seek care. Unfortunately, less than half of adults with mental illness seek treatment, and less than one thrid of children receive treatment. The discrepancy in treatment is due in part to the stigma that surrounds mental illness. Because of this, the National Black Nurses Foundation has made it a goal to educate communities on the importance of care, while seeking to eliminate the public's hesitation to acknowledge mental illness.

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